New Shop in New Area
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New shop in new area

Hyderabad: Fish2Meat, a Chennai-based tech-driven omni-channel fresh meat and sea-food company, is eyeing for rapid expansion in Hyderabad. The company, which has started its operations in Hyderabad this February, has created three stores since then, and plans to take this to ten stores by March 202...

Fish2Meat Promise!
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Fish2meat promise!

Shoppers flocked to online channels during 2020, with the pandemic lockdowns doubling online sales overall and quadrupling sales made directly through a brand’s website. You’d think companies would be happy with the boom—and they are. But they’ve also been finding it difficult to fulfill all those o...

Chicken Consumption is safe!
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Chicken consumption is safe!

The Government of India has declared NULL & VOID all concerns that poultry consumption in the current scenario can lead to corona virus infection. All claims have been deemed unfounded and it has been declared that meat is safe for consumption.So, what are you waiting for?Order online at ht...